Old school of the month #2 – Soul 2 Soul
January 4, 2009, 9:33 pm
Filed under: D-Vids

When the D-visions team was doing some paper work,we always listern to tunes,to get the head thinking clearly.
Ooomyy!! but when this tune came on,we just had to put the pens down, and give a light skank because this tune is a classic banger.

Life for Soul II Soul began as a sound system in the early 80’s. Through playing at various house blues parties, street parties and local youth clubs, they began to gain a steady following, and more members began to join Jazzie B and Daddae Harvey, namely ‘Q’ and Aitch B. As time went on the guys began to adopt a style which became known as ‘Funki Dred’, namely refering to the Dreadlocked hairstyle. They also started wearing similar T-shirts woth the finki dred logo, this also caught on and soon the demand for the T-shirts meant that they had to go into production. A clothing range soon followed- and the business side of SIIS took off with them taking residence initially in a small shop in Camden, selling a wide range of Funki Dred clothing and a record section.


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