Artist profile #4 – Deborah Stevenson
February 13, 2009, 1:31 am
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Deborah Stevenson

Deborah Stevenson was our first official female artist linked to D-visions clothing/movement.

Deborah is a really inspirational individual,who is willing to work with what she feels can have a real diffrence in todays thinking.
Which is ‘Young People’ or Young Adults.

Deborah’s to do list

1. Gain the utmost confidence and experience in my performance as a poet and workshop facilitator.
2. Create a poetry performance society in my university which in turn works with as many other societies as possible in performance.
3. Push performances and workshops into the community, and share new-found knowledge with other networks so they can do the same.
4. Build contacts with other universities to start similar projects and maintain a sense of diversity.
5. Schedule performances for young people that are publicised and designed by young people.
6. Create an active community amongst schools, local areas and universities not only inspiring and educating but creating job opportunities.
7. Find sufficient funding so that I can comfortably concentrate on working with young people whilst eating!

Deborah Aims:
The next year is going to be like one long performance and poetry filled rave! Designed, presented and created by young people, I want to push workshops away from being summer schemes made to postpone teenage pregnancies and the inhalation of a zoot rolled up at lunch break. I want workshops to stand in conjunction with education, school and the prospect of earning independence and money. Creating job opportunities that don’t just manifest in the performing arts but in advertising, managing, set design and so on. Ultimately I want to showcase performances that get young people paid and noticed as individuals that understand themselves.

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