D-Artist’e profile #4 – Funk Butcher
March 2, 2009, 2:55 pm
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funk butcher

This Uk House Dj, is on the rise of becoming one of the best House DJ’s the UK to date.

D-visions is proud to have him as a reprsentive of our movement,because of knowing his rise, in what he bieves his talent lies upon.
About Funk Butcher:

Funk Butcher…….my alter ego in the funky and deep/soulfull house game. I’ ve been able to DJ now for as long as I can remember. Starting first at my god-brothers house many moons ago!Years passed and other things occupied my time untill a little conversation with someone pushed me to take up the Djin game properly.

Going to primary school in my Dads car listening to JAZZ FM 102.2 was the regular for me as a child. My mum was more into the ‘Garage’ scene which was the early Chicago House music imported to us Brits. The combination of the two genres shaped my ‘funkiness’. So when this new ‘funky’ house scene came about in the UK, after garage had somewhat died, I jumped right on it. I knew this was my time! Now, here I am, making a name for myself in the industry and in just over a year Djin ‘properly’ I’m playing out at top venues with top DJ’s such as Booker T, Marcus Nasty,Elliot Ness,Hoxton Whores to name a few. Im on London’s biggest underground station Déjà vu (92.4fm) which also streams live on http://www.dejavufm.com . The success of my show and my appeal comes from my unique hosting ability and my flamboyance in my garage mixing especially.

Listern to Funk butcher on:


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