D-visions was having a browse at Sunday Up-Market in brick lane,and we ended up seeing this cool jewellery brand called Maria Zureta.

She was completely fearless, an outrageous brazen libertine, living a life devoid of restraint or composure. She was labelled amoral and depraved for her clothing and was condemned to wander the streets forever, able to gain salvation only by providing protection for the mortals who invoke her name.

Made of recycled jewellery in the spirit of Maria Zureta

This collection of handmade jewellery is the beautiful product of an ideology of adaptation and re-use.

Painstakingly gathered from a variety of sources, each unique piece offers a little re-birth for overlooked, unwanted, or broken materials, lovingly juxtaposed.

What nature cannot use or breakdown is combined with haphazard elements in a spectacular and unique new incarnation.


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